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Concert Audio® iV10

975,80 €
975,80 €
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The iV10 speaker combines the advantages of the compact iV8 with the features of the powerful iV12. The cabinet is made of 15mm multiplex and is coated with scratch-resistant textured paint. Due to the asymmetrical shape of the housing, the loudspeaker can also be used as a stage monitor. Several M10 threads allow the speaker to be mounted upright and crosswise in the mounting bracket. A 1”tweeter driver on a rotatable 90x75 degree CD horn and a 10”woofer-midrange driver are used as acoustic transducers. The individual systems are coupled via a passive crossover with phase and frequency response correction. The overall system has a flat frequency response and even phase profile. The loudspeakers are protected by a powder-coated round hole grille with acoustic foam backing. Concert Audio iVB subwoofers complement the bass range. These are actively coupled by the Concert Audio system rack with state-of-the-art digital power amplifiers and specially adapted presets. A standard amplifier is sufficient for operation without subwoofer.

Technical specifications
Case: Bass reflex construction made from 15mm multiplex, textured lacquer in black or white, 2 x M10 threads for bracket mount, 1 x M10 thread for safety mount
Front grille: 1.5mm round hole perforated grille, powder coated, acoustic foam lining
BassMidrange: 10 ”cone speaker, 50 mm voice coil
Highrange: 1 ”compression speaker, 44mm voice coil, mylar mem- brane, rotatable 90 x 75 degree CD horn
Crossover: third and fourth order passive, acoustic separation at 1800Hz, phase and frequency correction
Power: 400W normal use, 800W peak
Frequency range: 81-18000 Hz, +/-3 dB 62 Hz/-6 dB
Impedance: 8 Ohm nominal
Beam angle: 90 degrees horizontal, 75 degrees vertical
Sound pressure: 98 dB/1W/1m,124 dB peak/1m
Connection: 2 x Speakon NL-4 Pin 1 connected
Size: 540 x 300 x 286mm (h x w x d)
Weight: 15,9 kg
Accessories (not included): mounting bracket upright, crossbar mounting bracket, system rack, iVB subwoofer systems
Options: painting in RAL colors, outdoor version
Tender text

The loudspeaker system should combine excellent audio data and high quality workmanship with economical pricing. It should be possible to transmit music and speech signals with high sound pressure and a clearly defined beam angle in hi-fi audio quality. The housing, coated with scratch-resistant textured paint, shall be constructed of 15 mm birch multiplex according to the bass-reflex principle and shall have an asymmetrical design. The system should also be able to be used as a stage monitor when laid down. M10 threads on the side of the cabinet should allow for swivel mounting in an optional cross or upright bracket. As acoustic transducers a 1”tweeter driver on a rotatable 90 x 75 degree CD horn and a 10”bass-midrange driver shall be used. The individual systems are acoustically optimally coupled to each other via the internal passive crossover, which should have phase and frequency response correction. The overall system should have a very flat frequency response and even phase profile without jumps, so that all frequencies can be transmitted with almost identical level and even running time. A standard amplifier should be sufficient for operation. Special system controllers or processors should not be necessary. Mechanically, the loudspeakers should be protected by a removable round hole grille, powder-coated on all sides and lined with acoustic foam. Optional subwoofer systems, which can be actively coupled, should be available for extending the low-frequency response. The active coupling is to be carried out with a digital DSP power amplifier with factory presets tuned by the loudspeaker manufacturer, which can provide the crossover function, peak and RMS limiter, all-pass filter, delay and equalizer circuits for fine equalization.